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Many of us think of Botox primarily as a cosmetic treatment for lines and wrinkles on the face, but the botulinum toxin that Botox is derived from has a long history of medically therapeutic uses as well as, dentistry. The use of Botox is a minimally invasive procedure and is showing quite promising results in management of muscle-generated dental diseases like Temporomandibular disorders, bruxism, clenching, masseter hypertrophy and used to treat functional or esthetic dental conditions like deep nasolabial folds, radial lip lines, high lip line. Botox can also be used in a lip deformity where the lip rises more on one side than the other.

Some of the most common dental uses of Botox are: 

1. Temporomandibular joint disorders
2. Bruxism
3. Oromandibular dystonia
4. Mandibular spasm
5. Pathologic clenching
6. Dental implant and surgery
7. Gummy smile
8. Masseteric hypertrophy
9. Fine lines & wrinkles around the mouth and face